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Geography is known as the study of the physical structure of the earth. This physical structure may be a specific region or a domain area. It is used to study the surface and inner structure of the earth as well as our natural environment, climate, vegetation and the occurred phenomena such as storm, earthquakes and so on. The word “geography” is originated from Greek word geographia (which means is describe or write the earth). Greek mathematician and geographer Eratosthenes (276-194 BC) used geography first time to define the subject. Previously it was studied by records and research work but in modern era geographers use several tools to examine the subjects and environment such as geographic information system, remote sensing, satellites as well as quantitative and qualitative methods. Geography has been developed in several stages and time lines as Greco-Roman, Chinese, Islamic, Age of Discovery, History of cartography, Environmental determinism, Regional geography, Quantitative revolution and Critical geography. In old time geography was split in four traditions to study the whole environment. These were –  spatial analysis of natural and human phenomena, area studies (regions and domain), study of man-land relationship and the fourth was research in earth science. But in present time geography is classified into two sub-discipline – human geography and physical geography. Human geography is focused on the built environment, space and how it is viewed and managed by humans including the impacts of human being on the natural environment and climate. It covers all the aspects of our social, cultural, political and economical life. Its main branches are – Cultural geography, development geography, economic geography, health geography, historical (time geography), political geography (geopolitics), population geography (demography), religion geography, social geography, transportation geography, tourism geography, urban geography. Besides this human geography can be understand in four more categories –  behavioral geography, feminist geography, cultural theory and geosophy. Physical geography is different from human geography and is completely based on geography as earth science and evaluates the natural environment, climate, soil, water, landscapes, life, vegetation and much more. Now geographers are researching on one more discipline of geography which has been developed by the combination of above two subjects. It examines the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, pedosphere, biosphere and its sub-categories are – Biogeography, climatology and pale climatology, coastal geography, environmental geography and management, geodesy, geomorphology, glaciology, hydrology and hydrography, landscape ecology, oceanography, pedology, palaeogeography and quaternary science.

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