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Dissertation or thesis is a detailed researched document which is submitted by the candidates for awarding the degree or higher educational qualification. It can be defined also as a research paper written by the students to complete their degree. It is written on the basis of long time study work and practical experiments.

A dissertation is a lengthy and formal document which presents a new concept of thinking on a particular subject with supporting arguments. It is a mandatory course curriculum of advanced studies and professional courses and contains 20 to 80 percentile marks in total. A thesis follows the basic concept and evaluates it in the ideal and real circumstances to get the final results and studies the basic idea of the concept and its behavior in different environment. Through this study, students try to find the practical uses of the concept. In a dissertation, all the data and views is written in a particular sequence by showing the favoring and non-favoring evidences and their conclusions. A thesis assumes a principle on the available facts and checks it with scientific methods and literature through experiments (in practical subjects only) as well as available information and other sources.

Basic principles to write a dissertation

Usually a dissertation follows the principles as below: It should be unique and researched by the student himself. He can take help of others, but he can’t steal or copy work of other. All the contents should be in particular sequencing orders so that the reader can understand and judge the conclusion of the thesis. A dissertation keeps two adjectives – original and substantial, to describe the concept.

The researchers must have performed the tests to support the concept. It should be based on actual facts and experiments instead of imagined thoughts. Additionally, it must be supported by either facts and documents or reference of published scientific literature or original work to prove the hypothesis of the subject. You can’t criticize a thought in your dissertation but you can analyze it with the help of other available sources. Each sentence of the dissertation must follow the rules of grammar. Every sentence should have a meaning and supporting to the dissertation. Every statement of dissertation must be logically correct and based on practical approach. Besides this all the technical terms must be defined either by a previously published literature or by a definition. Each term will be used in the same way throughout the dissertation.

Objects of the dissertation

A dissertation needs to think deeply, collecting information and to organize it in the form of technical discussion and to follow rules of scientific experiments which prepares a student for the practical knowledge of his subjects. It is also a way to make new inventions and discoveries. It also develops the thinking ability of the student and enables him to search new discoveries.