What is the Main Idea of a Conclusion?

What is the Main Idea of a Conclusion?

You might be aware of the things to say summarizing your claims, but do you really know the way to begin your conclusion appropriately?

The concluding paragraph of any paper is an essential element of the essay that gets overlooked sometimes. You might compose the most efficient and amazing paper with solid points. However, if you avoid wrapping it all up in conclusion, your whole claim might come crashing down. Meaning, the weak conclusion might leave the reader feeling that there is no closure to agree with the main point.

So learn how to start a conclusion now and impress your target reader!

When you learn a way to conclude, it is essential to understand why the conclusion is so necessary in the 1st place.

The conclusion paragraph is a section of your paper where you are supposed to present to your reader the things you promised to say in the intro. Meaning, you should give the reader closure with the help of which they will make their final decision or opinion.

Thanks to the conclusion, it is clear to the reader that he or she reached the final part of your essay, so they are supposed to reflect on the data and pieces of evidence you have given. Without a conclusion, you will leave them giving and hanging nothing to process once you have poured the hardest work into the paper.

The conclusion paragraph must always leave the best impression

The target of your paper conclusion is to leave the reader with a great lasting impression or give them a portion of food for thought. It is the final section of your essay that they are going to read and one of the last things that they will remember.

Last impressions matter just like the first ones. You might think about your paper intro as an appetizer, treat the main body as a delicious entree, and the final part of a conclusion as a dessert. Therefore, you would remember the taste of the dessert the most because it will be eaten in the final part. Meaning, the conclusion will be your most memorable section.

Begin narrow and build out

When you are supposed to determine the way to begin the conclusion, the most appropriate method is to begin narrow. Then, you should build out with more data as you go.

Treat a conclusion paragraph as a kind of triangle. The intro might resemble the upside-down triangle with broad data, leading to a narrowed thesis statement. The conclusion must be the opposite. It must be narrow and lead into a broader summary. In other words, you should do the same thing as you have been doing in the initial part of the essay, however, the other way around.

Basically, you need to begin with the thesis statement. Then, you should summarize your main claims and points. Give the analysis, drawing a conclusion. Wrap it up with a few powerful sentences. There are such 3 core components of any conclusion as an answer, summary, and significance. You should remind the readers of the data you have given and provide them with a short summary. If you do it, your reader will get a clear idea of the things they think concerning data and will be able to make a decision by themselves about the topic.

Restating the thesis statement

Every proper conclusion paragraph must begin with a thesis restatement. You should not just copy-paste the thesis statement from the intro. You will have to make the same point. However, it must be with different phrasing. The proper way to do it is by reversing the order in which you compose the sentence. However, you should ensure you do not modify the main points’ order. Even if it sounds tricky, it is not as difficult as it seems.

What words can I use to start a conclusion?

Transitions are an essential section of any paper. They must be included in the conclusion paragraph too. They are utilized to link ideas and sentences together to assist them in flowing efficiently and forming relationships between the main points. As long as the conclusion paragraph’s entire point is to wrap and summarize things up, transition words and phrases are the core key here.

Check out the following list of transition words and phrases to utilize in your conclusion:

  • To sum up
  • In summary
  •  In conclusion
  • Finally
  • Briefly
  • In sum
  • In a word
  •  In the end
  • Ultimately
  • Thus
  • To conclude
  •  On the whole

You must also include transition words in conclusion sentences in the main body. For instance, they must be placed at the end of every paragraph.

How do you start off a conclusion?

Check out the following ideas and tips composing your conclusion:

  • Make a link between the essay’s main points and broader context. You should do it either within the specific course theme or within the current world as a whole.
  • Provide your reader with some challenges. Possibly, they might see a solution to an issue. They might also look at the world differently.
  • Ask your reader to answer a question. Try to make them think deeper.
  • Pose the reader a call to action.
  • If you feel that you are stuck, you would better echo your intro and flip your message. Focus on the things you have presented instead of the ones you want to present.

What is a good closing sentence?

You might play the “So what?” game. Answering this question might be difficult if you are composing an essay that was assigned on a particular topic, and you did not really select it initially.

Anything you compose should serve a target. Just think about the point which is underlying. Try to ponder the question “So what?” and ponder it. Return then to the themes in the intro. Summarize your paper’s main points. Put it all together. Add a provocative quotation or insight from the research you have conducted. Propose questions for further study, a solution to the problem, or a course of action. Point to some broader implications.


Ideally, your conclusion must begin with a topic sentence with the fresh restatement of your thesis statement. Then, you would better add supporting sentences. Wrap up or summarize the main ideas in the main body of the paper. Do not forget to display the way ideas fit together. Finally, you must add a closing sentence. Make sure you added final words, connected back to the intro, and gave a sense of closure.

How can we help to figure out the way to start a conclusion?

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